DISS has been initiated to bring the learning opportunity for the deprived community children and the concept of the initiative is more like KISS of Bhubaneswar. DISS and KISS will work together in partnership to change the socio-economic condition of those deprived community. Gradually DISS will make collaboration with different institute for their further study/training opportunities at home & abroad.
Also, they will make collaboration with Industries for their employment opportunity. The objective of this collaboration is to bring some benefits both for students, teachers, and institute and as a whole to the society.

National & International Standing:
DISS has the objective to develop the young children with required industry skills, professional etiquette and mind set up. Since the target audience of DISS is very young population, so DISS extended its hands with Govt & NG Institutes, organizations for knowledge sharing, teacher’s development & also different association and organizations, industries for their employment, awarding bodies for recognition from International Authorities and Job Opportunities.